Isabelle & Diego Engagement Celebration

  • Details, details details
  • Red, gold and white
  • Beautiful and gorgeous
  • They look amazing together, I believe they exists for one another.
  • How to frame love!
  • Red roses
  • LOL, I think he actually likes it a lot!
  • Mom, Engaged, Mom

The engagement party was beautiful and charming, we all loved. The attentions to details and love put into the preparation for it were shown throughout the event. With God at their side, happiness is just a consequence of their life with Him. Congratulations Isabelle and Diego, we had a wonderful time.

A festa de noivado estava linda e charmosa, todos amamos. A atenção aos detalhes e o amor que foi colocado na preparação estavam presentes durante o evento. Com Deus ao seu lado, felicidade será apenas a consequência da vida ao lado Dele. Parabéns Isabelle e Diego, adoramos tudo.

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