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Gomes Fine Art was borne from a passion, I’ve started photographing when I was 16 and it was love at the first sight! It always amazed me how some people were able to freeze time, just make that split second be seen over and over again. In 1999, I had the opportunity to carry a digital camera with me at all times. With that, I started taking pictures of basically everything. But then in 2001 I started to think a little more about what I was photographing. From then on, I’ve been working on perfecting this art by studying a lot, practicing all the time and reading constantly. I’m sure after all this time I can make this statement true: I will only deliver the best photographs a subject may have and I promise myself that I would only be satisfied if I can make smiles and satisfaction out of my art.

“Photography is using a simple click to explain personality. It’s the ability to capture a part of a moment, a way of expressing feelings by using the natural beauties around us. It’s having the creativity and imagination to view things in a whole different way. The simple ability that allows us to take something so common and replace it with something so unique. Breaking down parts of an object to show emotion. It allows you to interact with a memory. Taking the opportunity to realize that in the world, we have all we could ever ask for. Photography is being able to show your uniqueness and originality. It is the ability to take the world and make it just the way you think it should be. ~Bia Gomes (01/25/2008)”

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