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Rural Virginia is worth seeing!

Traveling back roads and the country side of the state of Virginia all year round is really refreshing for one’s eye. Everywhere you look the scene is absolutely amazing. Here’s a few samples of what you can see… come on, take the wheel and go for a ride, it is really worth it! 🙂

Lovely afternoon photo session became pure love

In the last months of pregnancy mom become so beautiful, she has so much love in her that spreads into everyone around her. Thank you Camila Santos for the opportunity to be part of your maternity feeling and to bless me with so much love. Baby Luke is a lucky little baby who has been loved by you and Fabiano since forever. For the whole story check here.

Harpers Ferry and it’s amazing scenario

What an amazing day we had yesterday in Harpers Ferry, WV. We have two rounds of photo shoots. Que dia maravilhoso tivemos ontem em Harpers Ferry, WV. Tivemos duas rodadas de sessĂŁo de fotos. First, this amazing family, they are so joyful and loving that all went without any of us observe how fast time went by. Thank you Rosiane, Atenor and Pietra. Primeiro, essa famĂ­lia incrĂ­vel, eles sĂŁo tĂŁo alegres e amorosos que tudo foi divertido que nem percebemos o […]

Harrisonburg Monday

 Such a beautiful town, I love coming here! Even more now that my daughter is living here!

This is amazing!

OK, we are all photographers in a way or another, and we have different equipment that goes from basic to advanced but it is really important to know the equipment in order to get the most from it. The featured photo in this post have something amazing, can you guess what it is? Write on the comments and I will tell later! This photo was taken at 2:10 am, it is a long exposure from a Nikon D810 with the […]

  • Blue day - Plantation
  • Blue day - Old barn
  • Blue day - Beautiful sky

Just another day?

There are days that you only have to look around to see how beautiful it is. But you actually have to look, we usually go with our day without taking the time to appreciate, tomorrow will be a beautiful day, just like today. Take a look with your heart and soul, it will be worth it, I promise! It won’t be just another day…

Eloisa & Jon @ Hannah & Rob’s wedding

These two are amazing, they are always having fun and enjoying one each other. I adopted Eloisa as an attached daughter and am so proud of her life accomplishments, she will reach the stars. Jon, you better take care of her, she’s unique and special. You two together are a bless, keep it up!